state-theatre #2 TEHRAN

Screening of 3 films by Berlin-based artists: Daniel Kötter and Constanze Fischbeck from the “state-theatre”cycle - Beirut, Berlin and Teheran

1 October 2018, 20:00
24 min.

The show is part of "Evening of young artists from Arab countries"

STUDIO teatrgaleria


“State-theatre” is a modular art project that explores urban conditions for performance based on six case studies in Lagos, Teheran, Berlin, Detroit, Beirut and Mönchengladbach. The first trilogy focuses on state-representative architecture of national and state theatres in Lagos, Tehran and Berlin, that temporarily lost their intended societal and political function. The second trilogy examines alternative gathering spaces in cities under constant transformation as well as the performative qualities of urban meeting places in Beirut, Detroit and Mönchengladbach.

How to produce a cultural meeting place after the end of the era of classical theatre architecture? All six case studies conducted by the authors of the films depart from places that have shed their apparent societal functions: deserted areas, construction sites, unused or reinterpreted buildings – empty spaces in the urban fabric and places that were originally meant as allegoric gathering places: theatres. Thus „theater“ becomes the synonym for the allegoric meeting place as such.


state-theatre #2 TEHRAN

2011, HD, 24′

with: Sara Reyhani, Arezou Hosseini, Behrooz Gharibpour

The Vahdat Hall is Teheran’s first and only classical opera and ballet house. Commissioned in 1966 by the Shah’s regime, the main hall resembles the Vienna State Opera. Its ornaments reiterate the forms of Persepolis, the central representative architecture of the ancient Persian Empire. For 13 years the hall hosted the classical ballet and opera repertoire though the official archive of Vahdat Hall does not keep any records of that period.

Zoom Out 1: Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979 no opera and ballet performances have taken place in Vahdat Hall

Zoom Out 2: Sara Reyhani, trained as a dancer, was featured as a soloist in the first performance of the so-called ‘rhythmic movement’ on the stage of Vahdat Hall in 1999.

Zoom Out 3: In 2004, due to a private initiative, the former workshops of Vahdat Hall were turned into a puppet theatre: Ferdosi Hall is the only stage for opera production in Iran nowadays. There are currently no plans to return Vahdat Hall to its originally intended use as a ballet and opera house.

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