An evening of young artists from Arab countries

Three different looks enriched with a panel, films and a meeting with artists.

1 October 2018, 18:00
180 min.

30/20 pln

STUDIO teatrgaleria
Kup bilet



Hamdi Dridi (Tunisia- France)

In his solo performance, Hamdi Dridi, a Tunisian choreographer and dancer, enters the world of physical labour and the sounds and movements it normally generates. He celebrates the energy of male physicality, making a labourer dance during his work and therefore transfering him into the world of art. The labour becomes a mantra, and the figure of the labourer is transcended into the sphere of a myth. This is a fantasy on the “work man”, a dialogue between a body and a “work tool”. Somewhere in the background of it, there are memories of the “Arab spring”, which was triggered by a conflict between the labourers and the employers in Tunisia.

Bassam Abou Diab (Lebanon )

A personal reflection by a young Lebanese choreographer that raises the question of how the body reacts in situations of war and danger, and how specific techniques can transform this condition into a type of dance. Abou Diab’s solo performance draws upon his longstanding interests in the relations between cultures, body and death, as well as rituals imposed by war – initiated in order to destroy human body and spirit but also forcing people to come up with a great number of ways to survive.

Yara Boustany (Lebanon)

“ēvolvō” in Latin means to explain, expand, but also liberate. A solo by a young choreographer Yara Boustany tells about a struggle to adjust to the constantly evolving world. The performance itself is an unceasing metamorphosis of the body, images and music. It observes a human being bombarded with information, unfolds his disappointments and fears caused by contemporary dilemmas. It creates an alternative vision of the evolution which can lead to the creation of a “new body” and the return to the animality represented by a figure of a shaman. The one who dances.